Things From Charon prototype


My brother and I wanted to make a game some time ago. The scope was too big. This is what we got so far, but it's clear we need a bigger team and funding to do this.

The game is a single-player, top-down adventure/shooter, where you switch between on foot and mech warfare. You fight against Lovecraftian cosmic horrors and the mad Martian general, who brought them back to our Solar System. Good thing it's the future, so maybe you stand a chance with your heavy equipment, advanced weapons and nano-technology..? Be careful. You could be dead wrong, human.

We didn't get to the fighting cosmic horrors part yet, so all we can show now is shooting humans. What you see in this video is a general gameplay style in it's very early stage of development. The graphics, mechanics, camera movement, sounds etc. are all to be heavily modified or replaced, but the general play style is visible at this point. The missing part at this point, that would show the full core gameplay, is in-game cutscenes and voice overed dialogues during gameplay.