Spell Fighter

Primary2A short FPP fantasy game for move controllers, in which you can swordfight skeletons and cast spells by really speaking to the microphone. For HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

You can also shoot medieval guns and throw stuff around. It’s core is a small sandbox, where you can train your skills, but it also has a quest to complete!

The Vive version of the game requires HTC Vive + optional Voice Attack software. Oculus version requires also a Razer Hydra movement controllers, since Oculus Touch isn’t out yet, a good microphone and Voice Attack speech recognition program. Oculus version is on hold (no updates) until Oculus Touch is out.

I made this just for fun and I’m sharing it for free. Think of it as a fun prototype which is evolving, there may be bugs, because I’m adding new stuff often.



Spell Fighter Oculus + Razer Hydra + Microphone (outdated and discontinued)

There are some additional steps to do to use optional voice recognition, check installation instructions below. You need to make sure Voice Attack registers voice commands properly.



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Set Up instructions for voice recognition (optional):


1. Turn on Voice Attack and load VoiceAttackProfile\SpellFighter-Profile.vap as voice profile.

2. Go to Windows Speech Recognition options and go through all the voice training and setup. Make sure speech recognition works and Voice Attack is running in the background when you play the game. Check the http://www.voiceattack.com/ for help if you encounter problems. Only good microphone, properly calibrated Windows Speech Recognition and quiet environment will give you comfortable gameplay. Test Voice Attack before playing. Say “summon fireball” – Voice Attack should display the information about recognizing the command. If it doesn’t recognize, that means something is wrong and it will not recognize your commands in game too.

3.  If you use Vive, make sure both controllers are on, before you turn on the game.

If you use Razer Hydra: Make sure Razer Hydra is working and turn off Razer Hydra’s tray icon, if it’s open, to turn off all the Razer Desktop controlling. This will prevent the game going out of focus.

4. Turn on the game and play. You can, for example, point at a character (with Hydra button) and say “hey you!”. He will now start listening to your commands. Then point on the ground somewhere and say “go there!”. He will walk and stand in this spot. Generally, it’s best if you watch a youtube video of someone doing this (you may find one on the site you downloaded this game from), to understand this mechanic right away.

Version changes:

– added “teleporting” walking mechanic. You hold the left trackpad and point on the ground. You will see a marker on the ground and a capsule folliwing that market. When you let go the trackpad, you will teleport to this capsule’s position. This mechanic makes sure you will not teleport through walls and you dodn’t get away from enemies simply by teleporting.
– added an “extras” section, where I will be putting interesting prototypes and VR experiments. Not necessarily related to the game.

1.244 – Vive
– graphics quality downgrade (can’t call it optimalization anymore) in favor of stable fps
– fixed skeletons get stuck in “shadowboxing” mode
– fixed some accidental spells triggering by themselves

1.243 – Vive
– fixed controller recognition when the controller is lost and appears back
– fixed Skeletons dodging swords lying on the ground
– added start level
– added a spellbook for casting spells without voice
– added magic menus for casting spells without voice
– improved Golems long distance pathfinding

– Vive support (tested only on Vive Pre)
– some fps optimizations (target: GTX 970)
– added bow weapon

– changed Enemies’ attack sword impact detection to physical colisions with Player
– changed how javelins work (in hand – hits, thrown – kills)
– improved hit detection when thrusting
– changed female golems fighting style to kick oriented

– added Skeleton Boss at the end of Necromancer Dungeons
– tweaked objects grabbing
– added inventory slots for potions (explosive flasks)

Known Bugs:

– after you grab some weapons in your hand, holster them, equip, change hands etc., when trying to grab something, sometimes sword just teleports to your hand. Just sheathe it back again if that happens. After fruitlessly spending a day trying to figure out why, I just decided to let it go and live with it. Maybe I will fix this in the future.

– Windows Speech Recognition sometimes doesn’t recognize your commands. Well, nothing I can do about it. Make sure you have a good microphone ($5 no-name mic won’t do), “trained” Windows, quiet environemnt (no TV in the background!), and you speak clearly and loudly. I use $50 Blue Snowball and it’s perfect.

– Razer Hydra sometimes goes crazy (maybe it’s the hardware, maybe it’s the Sixsense Unity plugin, I don’t know). Hands can swap or displace. This is rare, but if it happens, simply put both Hydra controllers on the docking station and press Start button on the right Hydra. This should reset everything.

– Throwing objects with Hydra is not precise.

– Vive contollers are BIG. They might physically block your hands, when you try to pick up something from the ground. Configuring your capture space floor by putting the HMD on two books for example, so it’s a little bit higher then the floor helps.

Voice Recognition is not instant, MS Speech Recognition needs to wait and be sure you stopped talking before recognizing what you said. After you say a command or spell, you should wait 0,1-0,5 second for it to know you stopped talking. If you say a word and immidietly stop pointing the finger nothing will happen, even if Voice Attack recognizes the command.

Target PC specs:

i5-4690 3.5GHz
Win10 x64

You are allowed to monetize videos made with Spell Fighter.

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