Minigun Animset Pro by Riko


Minigun Mocap set by Riko

My friend from CD-Projekt RED made a Minigun mocap set, compatible with my animations and controllers. He will keep making the whole Kubold animation system more complete from now on, by making more of these packs :)

Together we hope to make a full, robust animation library for your prototypes, finished games or hobby projects.

It’s available now on Asset Store.

Problems with controllers and PlayMaker 1.8 beta

For all who have problems with running controllers in Unity 5.3:

Unity 5.3 requires PlayMaker 1.8 beta (it’s included in PlayMaker download pack).

However 1.8 beta has one bug. In PlayMaker 1.8 one of the most important Actions – Smooth Look At Direction – changed from being infinite to finite(so in new version, when the object finishes rotating, the action turns itself off, instead of continuing infinitely).

Quick fix for now is to replace …\Playmaker\Actions\SmoothLookAtDirection.cs Action from v1.8 with theSmoothLookAtDirection.cs Action from v1.7.x

PlayMaker developers are already aware of this and will fix it asap.

Blending male and female animations to get anything in between

A cool idea: how about letting the player adjust how he/she wants the character to move like?

Let’s say you allow the player to customize the looks of the character – pick a gender, choose the body type, hairstyle etc. But how about also customizing the walk and run style? It’s possible.

Check it out:



What I did here, is I just made a simple blend tree with 2 animations – WalkLoop female and WalkLoop male. I can change the float that controls the blending, to get anything from very sexy female walk to almost aggressive, very masculine walk and anything in between. Female set and male set have the same animations, so you can build a full controller using those little male-female blend trees as animation clips. Then you can change the “masculinity level” with one float variable for the entire controller (or let the player do that).

You can give the player the ability to choose how he/she wants his/her game character to move like with a simple slider… I don’t think anyone did this before ever, but it would be super cool to see in a game :)