Dragon Documentary

A dragon flying action game!


The game is about a dragon, who just woke up from his 100 years of sleep and found his valley infested by humans. They got to go.

Dragon Documentary is an action game, in which you can be a dragon, flying, burning human towns and castles, defeating whole armies and dogfighting other flying foes, like witches on broomsticks or da Vinci’s flying machines. Or, actually, it was supposed to be, because I lost interest in it about two years ago. I didn’t want to release it for free as a demo, because I thought (and still think) it has earning potential. Lately, I realised that this game just lies there on my harddrive and I may never finish it. So, I changed my mind. Here you go, if you like it, play it :)

Download links:

Version 0.09 (better camera with normal monitors):

Dragon Documentary

Mirror 2 – Win64 version

Mirror 1 – MAC (your graphics card must support Physics! If not, physics might go crazy)


Version 0.08 (better camera in VR):
Mirror 1 – Win64 version
Mirror 2 – Win64 version

Dragon Documentary is in pre-alpha state (that means it’s simply not finished). It supports normal monitors, Oculus Rift DK2 and DK1 and 3D stereo Side-by-Side. Be aware, that playing in VR induces nausea. This is NOT a “comfortable VR experience” and it was never supposed to be. It in fact helped me to cure my real-life aviation sickness. This is for astronauts, paragliders and experienced VR users.




 Dragon7 Dragon6 Dragon5 Dragon4 Dragon1 Dragon3



Think of the dragon as a JETPACK. IT will help you to get the proper mindset.

Hold Space – go up vertically (flap wings)
Hold RMB – go down vertically (air dive)
WSAD – the directin you want to move horizontally
Move mouse – aim with the head/look around
LMB – breathe fire

When you hold RMB while landing, it creates a ground shockwave, that will make humans fall on ground

Hold Space – go up vertically (take off)
WSAD – the directin you want to move horizontally
Move mouse – aim with the head/look around
LMB – breathe fire
Press RMB – attack with claws
Press scrollwheel (or E) – bite and hold
Hold scrollwheel (or E) – eat human (regenerates some health)


Dragon Documentary v.0.08 Known Issues and Bugs:

a) menu

– even if you don’t have an Oculus Rift, the Oculus Rift view warning will show up at start
– Mouse cursor doesn’t appear in Main Menu (it’s invisible). Use keyboard arrow keys or WSAD to navigate.
– If you use Oculus Rift, The keyboard will not work in the Main Menu on first screen. You have to blindly use the invisible mouse cursor to click any menu button. The keyboard will work from that point.
– Graphics options reset every time you restart the game
– the FOV, Bloom etc. graphics options will not work on Oculus Rift Camera (but work on normal camera)

b) gameplay

– there are no objectives in the game, so you can’t win it. It’s just a sandbox. When you kill everyone on the stage, you can just fly around endlessly.
– it induces nausea on Oculus Rift (especially DK1). Nothing can be really dne about it, except getting used to it.
– camera clips through environment. Sometimes you will see the ground from underground for a moment etc.
– sometimes dragon will flip 180 degrees and will walk upside down. It will fix itself when you take off the ground.
– Oculus Rift camera doesn’t show HUD.
– when you eat a Wizard, and take he’s powers (the deathray), and you go out of “mana”, you have to press the fire button again to re-gain the fire breath (it doesn’t happen automatically and it should).
– AI of humans is just dumb. They could do all sorts of “robot toy” things. Walk in place, get stuck on tree, jump off a cliff…
– sometimes death animation on humans doesn’t trigger. They will stand there or walk, but they are dead. Zombies, man, zombies…

c) all things that should be, but they are not in there

– trees don’t burn etc…


I allow monetization of let’s play videos made using this game.